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Hippie Hacker

Software Engineer
Bay of Plenty Region, New Zeal
Hippie Hacker's unique approach to storytelling includes practical application of technology with a focus on humanity as a whole. He has a lifelong interest in the creation of vehicles of viral generosity.

Though his travels started in an avocado green Volkswagen bus, they took him around the world a few times. He has settled down near the beach in New Zealand, opting for a more practical and child friendly Mazda family wagon.

He has spoken at ChefConf, DevOps Days, and KubeCon. He supports our community by kickstarting projects for the CNCF like cross-cloud cncf.ci and APISnoop.

Hippie Hacker 运用独特的方法,从人的角度叙说技术应用的故事。他一生的兴趣在于推广无私奉献。

他乘坐鳄梨绿色大众巴士开始了旅途,他们多次带他巡游世界。他在新西兰海滩附近安顿下来,选择一辆实用的适合儿童乘坐的马自达家用 wagon 车型。

他曾经在 ChefConf、DevOps Days 和 KubeCon 大会发表演讲。为 CNCF (例如:cross-cloud cncf.ci 和 APISnoop)启动项目以支持我们的社区。